Our mattress mapping system is the first of it’s kind in Africa and is designed to allow us to measure pressure distribution and magnitude from your body’s sleeping surface.

mattress body mappingHow does it work?

Not one person lies the same when sleeping and therefore we all have different pressure points on our mattresses. This is where our mapping system come into play and to locate these pressure points when you sleep.

Our mapping mattress have a series of sensors across its surface. This allows for exact spot pressure analysis at any point where your body makes contact with the surface.

As you lie on our mapping mattress, the system assimilates both pressure and temperature distribution and sends the data to a computer. A detailed statistical report will be displayed on a screen together with a colorised pressure map that will show exactly where your body made contact with the mattress (see image below).

By mapping your body we can calculate precisely how your body lies when you sleep at night. We take all the captured data and manufacture a customised memory foam mattress for you.
We can also measure your partners body position and make one mattress for both of you to sleep on.

Book your body mapping consultation with us today and we will create your ideal customised memory foam mattress.

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