Free Removal
We will remove your old bed from your home at no extra cost, and deliver it to a charity.


60-day trial period
Test your new mattress firmness for a period of up to 60 days.


100% local
Our products are assembled and handcrafted right here in South Africa!


Countrywide deliveries
Delivery and installations wherever you are in South Africa.


Industry-leading Guarantee
We offer a 5-year
guarantee on all our mattresses.

5-4-3-2-1 drift off…

At Orthopedic ™ Pillow & Mattress, we’ve mastered the art of sleep.

Every one of our high-performance products is engineered to give you that elusive ideal – the perfect night’s sleep, night after night.

Our wide range of mattresses, bases, pillows and adjustable motorised beds offer a supreme combination of comfort and quality, style and support, and a wide range of colours, styles and firmness.

We are immensely proud that all of our high-quality beds are handcrafted right here in South Africa, and that we are the preferred suppliers to the country’s leading bed retailers.

Not sure which bed suits you? Sleep on it.

With Orthopedic ™ Pillow & Mattress, you can test your new mattress firmness for up to 60 days, and exchange it if you’re not 100% satisfied.

The mattress guarantee covers the shape of the mattress. The guarantee does not apply if mattress has liquid damage or is soiled.



We offer countrywide delivery and installations. On our visit to your home we can remove your old bed at no extra cost and deliver it to a charity.

We’re proud of our products and customer satisfaction legacy, and look forward to exceeding your expectations!